ApexNetwork PT: Bringing the best in rehab to Mt. Sterling, Frenchburg & Stanton

ApexNetwork PT:  Bringing the best in rehab to  Mt. Sterling, Frenchburg & Stanton ApexNetwork Physical Therapy wants to be the first name that comes to mind when you think of physical therapy services. If you live in Mt. Sterling, Frenchburg or Stanton, or soon Morehead, ApexNetwork is already an integral part of the healing community.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy specializes in bringing rehabilitation services to people in small or rural communities – places where access to these important services might be limited or even non-existent.

“Our goal is to put these vital services close to the people who need them,” said Ron Handshoe, MSPT, regional manager for the ApexNetwork locations in Kentucky.

ApexNetwork PT provides sophisticated, individualized treatment and rehabilitation with an unmatched patient experience. Further, each ApexNetwork clinic is staffed by highly experienced, licensed personnel, and friendly support staff. All work together to help each patient achieve their maximum level of functioning as quickly and as safely as possible, Handshoe said.

Who can benefit from physical therapy?
As it turns out, a lot of people. Whether it’s a backache, sore shoulder, knee pain, or a sprained ankle, physical therapy can help. Perhaps you’re having trouble regaining strength after a surgery or hospitalization. Or you’re working to regain abilities lost due to a stroke or a workplace injury. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy can be the solution to getting you back to doing the things you love.

Services provided at ApexNetwork locations in Kentucky include:
• Generalized and specific orthopedic rehabilitation
• Neck and back pain
• Upper and lower extremity injuries
• Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation
• Industrial rehabilitation

The clinics also provide post-rehabilitation exercise and wellness programs, which allow patients to maintain and extend their gains after the course of prescribed therapy is complete. Services are provided to adults and children.

Kentucky is a “direct access” state, meaning patients can schedule physical therapy without having to see a doctor first. That’s important, especially in rural areas, because even access to primary care can be limited, leading to delays in treatment, higher costs, decreased functional outcomes, and patient frustration.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy welcomes referrals from physicians, and works hard to foster collaborative relationships with all referring providers: primary care, orthopedic and sports medicine, physical medicine physicians … even ob/gyns!

“One thing patients notice right away when they visit one of our clinics is how homelike everything is,” Handshoe said. “We are not a big box-type of provider. Every center fits the community where it’s located and is a part of the community. We want our patients to feel, from the very beginning, like they are part of our family. Because they are.”

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy locations in Kentucky:

Mt. Sterling
513 Maysville Road
(859) 878-2890

814 Highway 36
(606) 393-0953

156 W. College Ave.
(606) 393-6505

For more information about how ApexNetwork Physical Therapy can help you get on the road to recovery, call us; stop by a clinic; or visit us online at ApexNetworkPT.com. We’d be thrilled to welcome you into our family!

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