Are you someone with an HSA or FSA?

By Holly Brady, Office Manager.

Are you someone with an HSA or FSADid you know that those funds can be used for the purchase of hearing aids? Did you also know that in some cases, those funds disappear at the end of the year if they’re not used? That’s a lot of questions, we know. But they can be very crucial ones regarding your hearing health. How? We’ll show you…

It is important to your overall health to pay attention to your hearing. Everyone knows it can be a frustration if you have a loss or know someone who does. But it can be more than just a minor annoyance. The consequences of unaided hearing loss can be: embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, misunderstanding important information and estrangement from family and friends. These can all lead to depression, suicidal thoughts and even drug and alcohol abuse in the patient if left alone. We talk to folks all the time who think nothing of going to have their eyes checked every year. When it comes to hearing, it’s a different story. But it shouldn’t be. Helen Keller who lost both her sight and hearing said she felt much more isolated because she missed out on sound. Your ears are monumentally important to how you navigate your world. Don’t leave them out of your yearly checks. Be proactive about your hearing health!

We’ve been led to believe that hearing aids have to be a huge, life-altering expense. They don’t. If you visit an independent audiologist like our own Dr. Ann Rhoten, you give yourself more options on manufacturer, service packages, technology levels, and last but not least, price. Dr. Rhoten’s experience, training and independent practice mean better value and better service to you. Here at Kentucky Audiology and Tinnitus Services, we use a program called Flex Trial. It gives our patients the chance to ‘test drive’ a hearing aid at various technology levels. That way, you know what your money can get and you are able to try it out before making a commitment. None of us would take home an automobile without trying it out on the road first. We also wouldn’t purchase a six-figure sports car when what we need is a solid, trustworthy sedan.

Using those funds available to you in an HSA or FSA can bring even more savings and satisfaction. What if you could address your hearing loss with the least investment directly from your pocket? If you have one of these accounts through your insurance, you have an opportunity to use pre-tax money which delivers more bang for your buck! More than that, here at Kentucky Audiology and Tinnitus Services we have an end-of- the-year deal from one of our manufacturers that can save you up to $2,000. We only have a limited number of hearing aids available at that price. With the end of the year drawing near, for some of us those HSA and FSA monies will be lost forever if we don’t put them to good use.

Dr. Ann Rhoten Au.D., CCC/A is an independent audiologist in Lexington. With nearly three decades of experience with hearing loss and sound sensitivity issues, she offers the experience and the professional service each patient deserves. It’s not just her credentials that make her the best choice. She feels her patients are extended family and is inspired by them every day. She has created an environment that is warm and inviting ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience with each visit. Hearing evaluations are conducted in a very personal and comprehensive way. Her office is one where you can feel confident knowing that your hearing health is in the best possible hands. Knowing how much your hearing can affect your overall health, don’t wait. Make the call today and schedule your way to Better Hearing Health! You won’t regret it.

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