Ashland’s Finest Ophthalmology Clinic

Ashland's Finest Ophthalmology ClinicUnmatched eye care in Ashland
Tri-State Ophthalmology has provided the finest eye care for Ashland and all of the Tri-State area for over 50 years. No matter the condition, we’ll treat you with the utmost care and respect, and will work to alleviate any optical problems you may be experiencing. When you need the finest eye care in Ashland, come to Tri-State Ophthalmology. We specialize in special eyes!

A reputation for excellence
Tri-State Ophthalmology was founded in 1963 and is currently owned and operated by Dr. John Gross, MD and Dr. Carter Gussler, MD. Our clinic has more than 50 years of experience healing and alleviating all forms of optical impairments. From routine eye exams to surgical procedures, we’ll make sure you see clearly!

We’re proud members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and our doctors were rated best in class. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’ll ensure that you’re happy with the end result. When you need quality eye care from experienced and caring physicians, Tri-State Ophthalmology is your first and best choice.

Comprehensive service
We offer a wide array of eye care services. From cataract surgery and eye disease treatments to quality implants and treatment for macular degeneration, we’ll take care of your eyes and any ocular condition you may be suffering from. When you come to our office, our doctors will listen to your needs, diagnose any possible problems and offer you cost-effective solutions that will improve your quality of life. We can give you treatments that will work with your day-to-day schedule and offer you expert advice for any of your concerns.

Our commitment to you
What sets Tri-State Ophthalmology apart from other clinics? Our level of care and commitment to you! We know you may be anxious about your eye problems or any possible discomfort you may feel during an exam or procedure. Our licensed and experienced doctors will do their best to make you feel at ease and to make sure that our procedures are pain-free. Our friendly staff can answer any questions and schedule your visit around your availability. When you need the most trusted name in eye care in Ashland, call Tri-State Ophthalmology!

Tri-State Ophthalmology
2841 Lexington Ave., Ashland, KY
(606) 324-2451

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