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BenchmarkFamilyServices.orgAs a foster child, it is terrifying being placed into foster care. While they may be removed living situations that were chaotic and/or neglectful it is still difficult to be removed from one home, losing control over their own lives and their families as well. Each child and has lived through different hardships that may of occurred from poor parenting, loss of their families income, sexual abuse,  mental illness, drug/substance abuse by a family member or themselves and more.

With thousands of children in Kentucky’s foster care system it is important that they are provided with the care they need to heal and grow from these traumas. Benchmark Family Services partners with the

Cabinet for Health and Family Services to make sure that each foster parent is getting the training, education and skills in order to provide a therapeutic environment for youth to be placed in.

Introducing Benchmark Family Services
While having over 20 years of experience in foster care, Benchmark strives to work alongside referring agencies to provide stable and caring placements for youth in need of out-of-home care. They advocate for children by ensuring reasonable opportunities for healthy physical, psychological and emotional growth and development in the most normal and least restrictive setting possible. To this end, Benchmark provides and coordinates programs and services in cooperation with referring child welfare agencies.

Therapeutic Foster Care
As a foster care agency, Benchmark focuses on making sure that each youth receives the therapeutic support they need in order to heal from the trauma they have gone through. Rather than hoping from home to home; Benchmark prepares foster parents to give each youth specialized care in a supportive family setting.

Each foster parent attends many hours of training over and above that received by traditional foster care providers. Medication administration, crisis intervention, treatment planning and intervention implementation are just a few of the topics addressed during this extra training. Like traditional foster parents, Benchmark’s foster parents attend in-service training programs, treatment team meetings and IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meetings for their foster child.

With the help of a personal treatment team, a Foster parent learns and helps a child benefit from a home environment and community-based setting while receiving intensive therapeutic treatment and clinical service, helping a child reconnect with their birth family or finding their new forever family.

Become a Foster Parent
Become a professional, therapeutic foster parent with Benchmark and make a change in the lives of youth in need! Every year, thousands of children are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and other issues. These children still need caring individuals like you to provide for them!

Benchmark is committed to recruiting and training therapeutic foster parents to provide safe homes for these youth in need.  Contact your local office today to start this rewarding journey!


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