A new collaboration between medical centers spans three states, bringing a new level of orthopaedic care to the region

Kings Daughters Orthopedic SpineTri-State residents now have more options  than ever before when it comes to orthopaedic care1 thanks to a clinical partnership between King’s Daughters Medical

Center and Marshall OrthopaedicsJoan C. Edwards School of Medicine.

The partnership was announced in late Spring.

Under the agreement, several Marshall O rthopaedics physicians travel to Ashland to see patients and perform surgeries at King’s Daughters. In return, KDMC orthopaedic spine surgeonJames Rice, M.D.,sees patients in Huntington, WVa., and performs surgeries at Cabell-Huntington Hospital.

TI1e partnership leverages the strengths of the two programs to the benefit of the entire tri-state region, said Fred Jackson, KDMC’s chief executive officer. Marshall surgeons seeing patients at KDMC include:

• Felix Cheung, M.D.,orthopaedic oncology and total  joint replacement

• Charles Giangarra, M.D., sports medicine

• JohnJasko,M.D., sports medicine

• Steven  Novotny, M.D., hands and upper extremities subspecialist

King’s Daughters orthopaedic spine specialist James Rice, M.D., is now available to Huntington residents at the Marshall Orthopaedics office and is performing spi ne surgeries at Cabeli-Huntington Hospital.

Marshall Orthopaedics surgeon Ali Oliashirazi, M.D.,serves as the medical director of the combined groups, overseeing the direction of the program and its 20-plus physicians. “There are few endeavors that significan tly impact a community;

• Dr. Oliashirazi said.

“This collaboration  between Marshall Orthopaedics and KDMC will significantly impact not one, but nwuerous comm unities for generations to come:’

King’s Daughters Medical Center O hio orthopaedic surgeon Gerry Trinidad, M.D., is also part of the partnership, having recently been named a clinical assistant professor at Marshall University.

To arrange an appointment to be seen in Ashla nd, please call (606) 327-0036. TI1e

Ashland office is located in Suite 350 ofMedical  Plaza B, 61 7 23rd St.

In Huntington, call (304) 691-1262.The Huntington office is located in Suite GSOO, 1600 Medical Center Drive.

In addi tion to the ph ysicians traveli ng to Ashland, Marshall Orthopaedics includes:

• Ali Oliashirazi, M.D., Chairman of Marshall Orthopaedics

• James Day, M.D., orthopaedic trauma

• Tigran Garabekyan, M.D., general orthopaedics

• Greg Hendricks,M.D., primary care sports medicine

• WiiJiam Wallace, M.D., orthopaedic perioperative management

• Heidi Weh rheim, M.D., orthopaedic perioperative management

• Alan Koester,M.D., hands and upper extremities

• Frankli n D.Shuler, M.D., Ph.D., orthopaedic trauma

• Zach Tankersley, DPM, reconstr ucti ve foot and an kle surger y

Ki ng’s Daughters recently was placed in the top 10 percent in the nation for joi nt replacement a nd orthopaedic care by CareChex, one of the nation’s la rgest privatel y held healthcare information services and has been designated a lllue Cross BlueShield Blue Center ofDistinction+.

King’s Daughters orthopaedics program includes:

• George Aitken, M.D.

• Michael  Goodwin,M.D.

· David Jenkinson, M.D.

• Joseph Leith, M.D.

• Laura Reese, D.O.

• James Rice,M.D., orthopaedic spine

• Andy Gilliland, M.D., primary care sports medicine

• Ralph Touma, M.D.

• Gerry Trinidad, M.D.(KDMC Ohio)

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