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Low Back Pain Got You Down?

Back Pain

Before discussing treatment for low back pain, let’s first get an understanding of what it is and what causes it. Although the vertebra (bones of the spine) are the largest and strongest in the low back it is, in reality, a very unstable part of the body. Since your body is meant to flex in every direction at the waist …

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Attention Women! Your unrelated symptoms may be caused by PCOS

Unrelated symptoms may be caused by PCOS

Imagine having a variety of unexplainable symptoms that have no apparent relation to one another. You have unwanted facial hair along your chin and jaw, while the hair on your head is thinning and falling out. You have irregular menstrual cycles, sometimes not having a cycle for months. Seemingly from out of nowhere, you face is covered in acne. As …

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Living Life on Target: Learning to Do What You Are

Living Life on Target

By Dr. Roger P. Felipe – As a child, do you remember what you wanted to become when you grew up? I wanted to be several things. First, I knew I wanted to be a cowboy in the Wild West (that must have been right after the Christmas someone gave me the two slickest silver pistols I’d ever seen). Then …

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The Ankle Sprain That Won’t Get Better

By George E. Quill, Jr., M.D. With springtime in Louisville upon us, the primary care physician and the orthopaedist alike can expect to see more than his or her fair share of ankle sprains.  This is an injury that of course occurs year round, but seems to occur much more frequently this time of year. It is estimated that approximately …

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7 Keys to Curbing Hunger and Living Leaner

By Dr Brad, RevitalLife MD – Make no mistake about it…food addiction is suicide, as obesity can be directly linked to the most common diseases killing our society!  Two thirds of America is overweight and should be fighting for their lives right now.  Our mission here is to separate fact from fiction and offer you the tools to make sustainable, …

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Do You Have an Invisible Illness?

“Nearly 25 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Having tried countless types, brands, and combinations of thyroid hormones, I continued to struggle with profound fatigue, digestive problems, and an ever growing and worsening list of symptoms. Consults at top US medical centers left me empty-handed and, at times, demoralized. My husband, friends, and colleagues watched in distress, as …

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Care for Yourself and Others

By Jane Owens, CSW MFTA – Ask anyone who provides any amount of care for a loved one and they will tell you that the biggest challenge is finding the energy, patience, humor and love to keep going. If these become depleted, there is no more to give and life can become miserable for everyone you come in contact with. …

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