Food Imposters undermining your healthy lifestyle:

Kellie McKinney, MS | Healthy Lifestyle columnist | Co-Founder of Two Nutrition Nuts

Food Imposters undermining your  healthy lifestyle:Health food imposters can fool anyone!  Here are a few foods and some may be surprising that should be wiped out for healthier choices.

Flavored yogurt
Dairy is a wonderful source of calcium, potassium and protein, but flavored yogurts are usually sweetened with sugar – some containing more than 30grams per serving!!!

Greek yogurt (plain) gets the green light and one can always top it with fresh fruit and nuts.

Multigrain bread
Bread loaves marketed with the word “multigrain ” may still contain refined white flour.

Individuals may purchase honey wheat or seven grain thinking its a healthy choice when they may actually contain more sugar and calories.

Check ingredients carefully- the first item should be whole wheat or whole grain instead of enriched or bleached.

Nut Butters
Peanut butter and almond butter are a few of my favorite things – make sure you’re buying the real thing – the ingredients should list nuts, salt, and that’s just about it. Be cautious of chocolate spreads some have a high sugar count!

Protein bars
Forget the bar and eat a little protein throughout the day – don’t cut out real foods.

Regular soda is a source of empty calories.  Diet drinks aren’t any better – the artificial sweeteners can cause many effects which can be devastating.

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