He won’t ask for help… that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need it

He won’t ask for help… that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need itAccording Agency on Aging and Agency for Community Living statistics, about half of women age 65 and older in the U.S. live alone, either because of death, divorce separation. While the number of men over 65 living alone is only about half that, these men face challenges that are just as daunting, and in some respects more so, than those faced by older women living alone.

“The picture everyone has in their mind is of the elderly widow who has never had to put gas in her car, get the oil changed or put the patio furniture away,” said Carol Sauer, founder of Choices Personal Lifestyle Management.

“But just as there are chores that are traditionally done by the man of the house, there are chores that are typically done by the wife,” Sauer said. “Taking on these responsibilities at age 70 or 80, in addition to the other tasks you’re already struggling to handle can just be too much,” she noted.

The stereotype of men as “strong and silent” is too often true. Fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles hide their emotions and struggles from those nearest and dearest to them for fear of looking weak or dependent. Too often the result is physical, emotional and cognitive decline, loneliness, poor quality of life, loss of independence and even premature death.

“At Choices Personal Lifestyle Management, we are here to help men and women live their best, fullest life,” Sauer said. Choices offers a wide variety of services that can help people remain in their own homes, independent, happy, safe and well-nourished. Choices can:

• Help with the laundry, including folding, ironing, hanging and putting away

• Mend clothing, organize and donate unused, unneeded or ill-fitting clothing and coats

• Change bed linens, turn mattresses and launder and store winter items

• Wash down walls, clean baseboards, mop floors, dust shelves and cabinets

• Clean out refrigerators and freezers, vacuum condenser coils, clean ovens, organize cabinets and pantry

• Grocery shop, carry in and put groceries away, prepare meals. Daily or weekly meal prep options are available.

• Shop gifts, wrap and mail/ship

Choices personnel aren’t limited to work indoors. They are ready and able to assist in variety of outdoor jobs, such as trimming hedges, edging sidewalks, repairing gutters and downspouts … even cleaning out the garage.

There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life when it’s time to turn in the driver’s license. If that’s the case for Dad (or grandpa), Choices can help make giving up that license easier, driving him to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, to the Senior Center to play pool or the local YMCA to work out.

“Choices Personal Lifestyle Management is a wonderful gift adult children can give to fathers,” Sauer

noted, “because we help alleviate so much of the burden of being older and alone. Choices Personal Lifestyle Management provides peace of mind to giver and recipient.”

Choices offers reliable, trustworthy and qualified assistance to clients of any age. For a free consultation with a Choices Personal Lifestyle Management Consultant, please call 419-951-3007.

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