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Ultimate Sleep ChairAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 5.1 million people are suffering from heart failure. When JB Blankenship’s grandmother Dixie, 89, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) after being hospitalized with pneumonia, he knew how important home medical care would be to her health and quality of life.

Blankenship, COO of We Care Medical Group in Ashland Kentucky has spent the past 10 years providing industry-leading equipment backed by world class service to the Tri-State and surrounding areas. Drawing from his experience, Blankenship knew managing the symptoms of CHF was essential to prevent further health risks.

Congestive heart failure is a weakness of the heart that leads to a buildup of fluid in the lungs and surrounding body tissues. It occurs when the heart’s pumping power becomes weaker than normal. When weakened, the heart is unable to keep up with the demands placed upon it and blood returns to the heart faster than it can be pumped out. Symptoms of congestive heart failure include shortness of breath, swelling of ankles and feet, and severe fatigue.

“I knew we needed to get her feet elevated to reduce the swelling in her lower legs,” Blankenship said, “but just propping her feet would be counterproductive because the fluid from her legs just returned to the chest.” He said elevating the head was also necessary in order to ease chest congestion.

Two days after being discharged from the hospital, Blankenship found his grandmother on the floor in her bedroom.

“She said she was arranging her oxygen tubing,” he said, “but I knew she had fallen from her bed.”

Blankenship explained that due to circulatory issues, his grandmother may have experienced dizziness or lightheadedness, or could have simply been trying to arrange her pillows to keep elevated when she slipped into the floor.

“She was not getting good, quality sleep and I was worried about her safety,” he said.

It was Blankenship’s commitment to finding a safe, comfortable sleeping alternative that lead to his purchase of the Ultimate Sleep Chair.

“I knew we were offering a great product, but what I didn’t realize was how beneficial it was for specific diagnoses”, said Blankenship.

“The Ultimate Sleep Chair allows us to keep her legs and chest elevated, lessening her CHF symptoms,” he said.

Blankenship said since the sleep position increases circulation, it helped her to breathe easier and get better quality sleep.

“I don’t have to worry about her falling because the arms of the chair cradle her,” said Blankenship.

“She’s getting a good, comfortable night’s rest,” he said, “and it’s a safer night’s rest thanks to the Ultimate Sleep Chair”.

The Ultimate Sleep Chair is the premier lift and recline chair in a line offered exclusively at WeCare Medical. The fully automated chair features multiple optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness, and relaxation.

In addition to congestive heart failure, Blankenship said the chair is beneficial to patients dealing with sleep apnea, COPD, diabetes, and other circulatory and respiratory problems. It offers built-in Trendelenburg positioning which raises the feet above the head, increasing blood flow to the lower extremities.

“There are also benefits for those with mobility and ambulatory issues as well,” he said.

The Ultimate Sleep Chair is a lift and recline chair, designed not only for comfort, but for gently raising the user to an upright standing position. Patients with severe arthritis, MS, and other neuromuscular disorders will see benefits from more than just the lift assist. The Zero-Gravity position aligns your spine, hips, and knee joints on the balanced midpoint of your muscles. The Ultimate Sleep Chair can glide you to this pressure-free comfort zone, removing stress from the joints of the body by mimicking the posture astronauts take during take-off of space missions.

Co-founder and CEO of WeCare Medical, Joda Burgess, said the decision to offer The Ultimate Sleep Chair was based not only on function but design.

“It’s not just a chair that performs a specific needed function, it’s a high quality piece of furniture,” said Burgess.

Each chair is handmade in the United States by the world’s leading manufacturer of power lift and recline chairs. The frame is made from kiln-dried northern maple hardwood, valued for its strength and structural integrity. The kiln drying process prevents splitting or warping without sacrificing the craftsmanship which features mitered corner bracing and double-doweled solid wood construction.

“Similar chairs are made from MDF or plywood but our commitment is to offer our patients the highest quality products,” Burgess said, “the ultimate in what’s on the market”.

He said that WeCare Medical’s Ultimate Sleep Chair is simply that, ultimate.

WeCare Medical offers 9 convenient locations across the Tri-State area. For more information or to view the Ultimate Sleep Chair and available customization options visit WeCare Medical in Ashland or Charleston or call 1-800-890-9492.

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