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ohio means jobYour resume is the single most important document you will put before a potential employer. In this one piece of paper, you will summarize who you are, what you can do and how you can fill a void in the organization.

Recruiters receive literally hundreds of resumes for every open position. You have just seconds to peak their interest. If your resume is not concise, accurate and interesting, your chance of getting a phone interview are slim. Win that interview by following these tips for a better resume:
• There is no excuse for misspellings, typographical errors or grammar mistakes. If spelling and writing are not your strong suit, get help!
• Be specific. Employers want to know what you have accomplished and the specific skills you can bring to their business.
• Customize your resume for the job you are seeking. Show how your experience, knowledge and skills will address the specific problem they are hoping to solve.
• Focus on accomplishments, not tasks.
• Be neither too brief nor too wordy. Read the job description carefully and include skills and experiences you have that fit the description. Brief is good, but too brief is bad. Strike a balance.
• Think of your objective as your elevator speech. What 20 words would you use to describe your goals and talents? Puffery will not sell you.
• Be active, not passive. Do not be afraid to state what you did, not say you were “responsible for.”
• Do not discount your experience. If you have worked extra jobs, free-lanced or done charity work, include it.
• Keep it clean. Unless you are a graphic designer or an artist, stick to one or two fonts. Make it attractive, but not overwhelming.
• Check everything. Check it again. Have others check your resume: Is your email address correct? Is your phone number correct and working? How about the contact information for your references and employers? You cannot get the job if you cannot be found.

Get professional help, focused on you!
Ohio Means Jobs Lawrence County exists to help Ohioans develop job skills, find open positions and be hired. OMJ Lawrence County can help you with every aspect of the job search, including creating a resume that puts you at the head of the class.

For more information about job-related services available to you, call Ohio Means Jobs at (740) 532-3140. Our offices are conveniently located at 120 North Third Street in Ironton.

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