Life Doesn’t Have to Fade With Memories

Life Doesn’t Have to Fade With Memories It’s estimated that as many as 5.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or an age-related dementia. The majority – as many as 80 percent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – receive care in their homes.

Some 15 million Americans, most of whom are female, provide the care, totaling 17 billion hours of unpaid care annually! Most caregivers are women (62 percent) and nearly a quarter of them are over age 65. More than 40 percent will provide care for one to four years; nearly a third will provide care for five years or more.

Caring for an aged loved one who has dementia is certainly a noble pursuit, but it can have a profound impact on the caregiver and her family. Caregivers are at increased risk of developing anxiety and depression; they often neglect their own health; they often feel stressed and burned out; and they frequently experience an overall poorer quality of life than non-caregivers.

In nearly all cases, there comes a time when care at home for those suffering from dementia becomes unwise, unsafe or simply impossible. When that occurs, Regency Memory Care in Mt. Sterling, Ky., may be the solution.

Regency is a brand-new, specially designed, 26-bed facility affiliated with Windsor Care Center. Windsor Care Center has been caring for area residents for more than 40 years and has earned an outstanding reputation for caring, compassionate, person-centered care. That reputation is reflected at Regency, where the emphasis is on providing a comfortable, safe, home-like environment. Regency provides three levels of care, from support for basic activities of daily living up to and including total care of the individual.

More than being a “facility,” Regency is a community, where families can grow closer while residents thrive. At Regency, each resident’s dignity and right to choose is valued. The emphasis is on the person and his/her preferences, needs and concerns, not the task or disease. Activities engage the resident, focusing on what they can still do, rather than on what they have lost.

The environment is designed according to the latest research into memory care, with safety and comfort at the forefront. Regency looks like a home, not an institution. Signage and visual cues help residents find their way and retain a sense of control. Lighting supports residents whose eyesight may have dimmed. Doors are secure to minimize wandering, but security is designed to be unobtrusive, so residents don’t feel “locked in.”

Residents can choose from private or semi-private living quarters that they can decorate in their own manner with memorabilia, photos and items of meaning. Open dining, community areas, and quiet areas offer residents the opportunity to be involved in activities, to relax and reflect, or to visit with family and friends. The Skype Room allows residents to connect via the internet with distant relatives and friends. A well-stocked library provides reading materials and a place of calm.

Therapy services, including physical, occupational and speech, are available through Regency’s affiliation with Windsor Care Center, either on an outpatient basis or as a temporary resident. Additional services available at Regency (or through Windsor) include:
• Appropriate activities such as exercise, crafts, reminiscing
• Cable/Wi-Fi/Phone
• Laundry service
• Beauty shop
• Dental care
• Hearing/audiology services
• Podiatry
• Mental health services
• Social work services

Regency Memory Care is a private pay facility. For more information, or a tour, please call Regency at (859) 520-5111 or visit the website at Regency Memory Care is located at 130 Sterling Way, Mt. Sterling, Ky.

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