Looking for a place to belong? Y not the Y?

Looking for a place to belong? Y not the Y? You don’t have to look far, or hard, to find a fitness center willing to sign you up for a long-term contact. It seems they are on every street corner these days. And if all you want is a place to run on a treadmill, those facilities might be just right for you.

But if you want something more for your membership fees, we’d like to make a pitch for joining the YMCA. Yes, the YMCA. We think we’ve got a compelling story to tell, one whose foundations are solid and whose aspirations are limitless. The Ashland Area YMCA is about so much more than treadmills and free weights.

We are driven by three overarching goals: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. In fact, you could call this our Mission Statement. Very few fitness centers (if any) are as committed to making the world we live in better as the YMCA. Let’s take a look:

For Youth Development
The Y nurtures the potential of every child and teen by supporting their unique youth development journey through programming that considers their bodies, their minds and their spirits.

Half of all YMCA members nationwide are under age 18! The Y gives young people a safe place to call their own; a chance to connect with adults who care about them; and an opportunity to get involved in programs that help them grow.

For many, the YMCA is where they first encounter sports programs, such as basketball, soccer, T-ball and swimming. Our emphasis is on developing a lifelong love of physical activity, sportsmanship, and self-confidence. Through Y programs, kids get involved in positive activities and receive caring adult attention.

Y Day Camps are an important part of many kids’ summers. The Day Camp experience allows kids to meet new friends, learn new skills, develop existing skills and have fun!

We also offer year-round youth programs like our indoor gym area and aquatics programs. Our aquatics programs are designed to teach youth the basics of swimming and water safety – an important skill to have at any age!

Our very fun and unique Kids Fitness program and martial arts program open doors and minds to different ways of getting and staying fit. Kids can even move up through the ranks and earn at Black Belt at the Y!

For Healthy Living

If running on a treadmill five days a week is your definition of healthy living, you need to come to the Y! We are about so much more!

We’re about belonging. At the YMCA you will meet people and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Can you do that at a fitness center? Maybe. But we know that friendships are one of the most important aspects of Y membership. We are a family at the Y. We support one another no matter where we are on our fitness journey.

We’re about health. You’ll never feel self-conscious at the Y. Y members don’t come to put on a show, or model the latest workout apparel. Y members are there to get stronger, healthier, more fit. Everybody is welcome, regardless of age, fitness level, income.

We’re about variety. Yes, we have treadmills and bikes, ellipticals and stair climbers. WE also have an enclosed walking track, a pool, a full adult gym, racquetball courts. We offer adult swim instruction, water aerobics and even scuba diving!

We’re about teaching. Check out Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing, and step and kick aerobics.

For Social Responsibility
The Ashland Area YMCA, like all Ys, is a non-profit organization. Membership dues and class fees are kept low and any proceeds are reinvested in the Y, to offer new programs, purchase equipment, improve the facility and provide scholarships to individuals and families.

The Ashland Y isn’t owned by a far-flung corporate conglomerate. It’s owned by its members. Decisions are made locally, by local people who live and work in the community. Everything we do is about making Ashland, and the surrounding area, a better and healthier place to live, work, play and grow. We are a purpose-driven organization that receives support from the local United Way as well as from donors who share our ideals.

It’s time to belong!
Y memberships are available to suit everybody:
• Family Memberships include legally married husband and wife and children 18 years and under and unmarried dependent children 26 years and under attending college part time (6 hours). Adult children over age 26 must join independently.
• Adult single memberships are available for individuals over age 18 years who do not attend college or vocational school full time.
• Student Memberships (Must present current class schedule) are available for part time (6 hour.) college students.
• Student Memberships (Must be at least 12 years old) are available for students under 26 years of age who are not on a family membership.
• Senior Citizen Memberships (65 or over) are currently available at a 20 percent discount.

Stop by the membership desk at the Y, 3232 Megan Neyer Way, Ashland, or give us a call at (606) 324-6191 to learn more.

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