New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution? Rebuild Your Health and Shed Those Pounds with the Resolve Solution

Anthony HortonJoyce Wright and Reva Smith of West Liberty, KY are good friends who have lost weight and gotten healthy together. They attend Resolve Solution Classes in Morehead, KY. Joyce has lost 48 lbs. in six months. Joyce’s blood pressure medicine was reduced, and she feels so much better. Reva lost 36 lbs. in six months. Not only does Reva feel better and have more energy, her husband, William, lost weight and had major improvement in his diabetes. Their results are typical of the participants in The Resolve Solution.

The Resolve Solution provides free classes, teaching how to grocery shop, cook and eat in a deeply healthy way. The classes teach that special dietary supplements help the body recover from the toxic load by our junk food diets. The classes provide a free 7 Day Challenge Kit to help people get started and
see for themselves the extraordinary results they can get.

Stephan Pennington, of Morehead, KY lost 39 lbs. in 5 months. He no longer takes medication for high blood pressure, acid reflux or allergies. He feels, looks and acts like a new man. His lovely wife Valerie has lost 15 lbs. Stephan and Valerie attend class together and follow the program together.

Are they starving themselves? No!
The program teaches the dangers of the standard American diet (SAD) of junk food, fast food and processed food. Most Americans eat 92% SAD and 8% fruits and vegetables. However, fruits and vegetables are the main source of nutrition. Resolve teaches you how to flip your eating habits to fruits, vegetables and lean organic meats. The program discourages sugar, dairy and gluten grains.

Jimmy Hitch of Flemingsburg, KY has been on the program seven years. Not only did he lose 30 lbs. in a short time, his severe palsy-like hand tremor stopped. His wife Donna lost 20 lbs. and had improvement in her diabetes.

Larry and Shirley Conner of Ewing, KY have lost 35 and 15 lbs. Larry has so much more energy to devote to doing things he loves. He likes being able to bend over! He has gone down several pants sizes. They overcame doubt that they could change their diet and cooking and have had great results. They have recovered a vitality that they thought was long gone from their lives.

The Resolve supplements are organic, sugar and preservative free. The supplements provide superfood and vegan protein ingredients, supplying nutrients that most of us are starved for. The supplements are mixed into delicious smoothies and help nourish and fill people with good nutrition.

How do I get started? Find a Class in your area. Bring a friend or family member if you like. Classes are always free. Get your free 7 Day Challenge Kit and get started. You will get complete instruction to change your lifestyle to one of health and slimness. The classes are supportive and inspiring. They are taught by trained instructors and meet weekly for your benefit.

Anthony Horton of Morehead, KY lost 40 lbs. in three months. Anthony no longer has severe acid reflux or allergies. He had tried popular diets, lost and gained weight and did not feel any healthier. He has kept his weight loss and health gains for a year and continues to encourage his friends to do the same.

The Resolve Solution is unique. We don’t count calories or follow fad diets. Our program is based on the latest health and diet research. People lose weight and feel much better because they learn to take care of the cells of their body and balance their body chemistry. They learn to eat for nutrition rather than entertainment. Nutrition, not starvation, is key to the proper weight and health.

You will learn what and how to eat in a truly healthy manner that you can sustain for a lifetime. You will be rewarded with health and well-being that give you the motivation to ‘stay on the wagon’ of good health. You do the program with others in supportive, inspiring, ongoing classes. What we can’t do alone, we can do so well together.

Give yourself the gift of health that we are all meant to have. Come to class or call us with your questions. The Resolve Solution is based in Morehead, KY and was founded by Keith Johnston in 2012.

Health Seminars All Health Seminars begin at 7 pm

Monday Evenings
West Liberty – Index Community Church
Grayson – Super 8 Hotel
Greenup – City Building

Tuesday Evenings
Olive Hill – Globe Christian Church
Frankfort – Call for Location
Somerset – Potters Place Church
South Shore – McKell Library

Thursday Evenings
Morehead – Carl Perkins Center
Mt. Sterling – Comfort Inn

For More Information:
(606) 780-2521

All Seminars are Free to the Public.


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