PrimaryPlus: Growing, expanding to meet the needs of FAMILIES

For nearly five years, PrimaryPlus has been serving the healthcare needs of Ashland. In 2014, PrimaryPlus and the Ashland Boyd County Health Department partnered to bring a new healthcare model, one of the first of its kind in the state of Kentucky–combining the health department services with primary care services, all under one roof. Although the two organizations operated their entities separately, the shared environment brought about a great community collaboration.

Within the Health Department space, Primary-Plus offered family health, pediatrics, and women’s health services with advanced practice providers Muna Vonderheide, APRN and Stacy Hasenauer, APRN.

In January of this year, PrimaryPlus welcomed a new physician to its team, Tyler Elam, D.O. In light of the Ashland location’s growth, PrimaryPlus’ CEO, Jerry Ugrin, recognized it was time to expand the practice’s physical space and its range of services.

With six other locations throughout the Ohio River Valley, the PrimaryPlus model has been driven by providing a comprehensive family-
centered platform of care–a one-stop shop for medical services. Ugrin wanted Ashland to be no excpetion.

Soon, a perfect new home for PrimaryPlus-Ashland was found. The practice relocated to 432 16th Street, near the Boyd County Public Library on April 15.

Currently, the medical team is operating out of a portion of the facility while the remainder of the building is under renovation. When complete the new 14,400 sq. ft. PrimaryPlus-Ashland office will include 20 exam rooms, xray services, procedure rooms, plus an on-site pharmacy. PrimaryPlus’ 340B Pharmacy program, which is a staple through out its other office locations, will offer significant medication savings, a drive-thru and local delivery services. It’s expected that the renovations will be complete by early fall.

“We are so excited about the opportunities for growth within our new Ashland location and sharing the PrimaryPlus mission of quality advanced affordable healthcare with others in the region,” Ugrin said. “We are grateful for the Health Department partnership that helped us build a foundation in Ashland. We look forward to continuing that relationship and developing many other community-driven relationships for the health of our region.”

New patients are always welcome at PrimaryPlus-Ashland. To schedule an appointment, please call (606) 324-0128.

PrimaryPlus-Ashland accepts most insurance, Medicare, all Kentucky Medicaid plans, and Ohio Medicaid (CareSource & Molina). PrimaryPlus also offers a sliding fee scale for the uninsured/underin-sured providing up to a 75 percent discount on care (with application approval).

Call 606-324-0128 to schedule an appointment today.

Sharing Our History
Although PrimaryPlus is relatively new to the Ashland-Boyd County area, the organization is coming off celebrating 35 years of serving families as a non-profit, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

“There are so many stories that bind us – people that bind us,” said Jerry Ugrin, CEO of Lewis County Primary Caren Center, doing business as PrimaryPlus. Lewis County Primary Care Center (LCPCC) was founded in 1983 in a small, Second Street office in downtown Vanceburg, Ky. There were fewer than six employees at the time. Today the organization has grown to employee over 250 people throughout its seven office locations.

Around 1987, LCPCC’s two physicians wanted to take the practice in different directions. One wished to operate LCPCC as a private practice while the other believed in the original vision of a Community Health Center. Government intervention forced the Board of Directors to vote on a direction for the Clinic. By one vote, the board chose to continue LCPCC as a FQHC.

With the direction now clear, LCPCC was ready to move forward, but was sidetracked, in August 1988, by an unexpected eviction. With no time to waste, leaders scrambled to find a new home. A local Vanceburg property owner, Camp Johnson, was eager to get the Center back on its feet. Within three days, the Center relocated to what was previously the Queen’s Table Restaurant. Construction crews worked 24/7 to make the move possible.

A camper was placed on site just as a backup should the renovations not be completed in time, Ugrin recalls. “We didn’t want to miss a beat – the community needed us, and we were there to serve.” LCPCC wasn’t about having a big, fancy building, he noted. “It was about caring for people, serving our community and being a constant outlet for health.”

Four years later, Scioto Memorial, which had stepped in to assist with management of LCPCC, severed ties. Ugrin, who had been an employee of Scioto Memorial working on this project since 1987, was hired to be the Center’s CEO.

By 1999, PrimaryPlus had outgrown the space and jumped at the opportunity to build a new home on the recently completed AA Highway/Route 59 intersection. The location provided more space for future growth. Today, PrimaryPlus-Vanceburg is the company’s head-quarters as well as home to services including family health, pharmacy, dental, women’s health, x-ray, ultrasound and more.

In 2002, LCPCC began construction on a new facility in Tollesboro, which helped lay an even firmer foundation for the organization, reassuring the Board of Directors, administrators and the government that the healthcare model was making a difference in the rural, underserved communities.

In July 2004, PrimaryPlus expanded to Flemingsburg, opening its third family health location. A year later, LCPCC began discussions with Maysville Obstetric and Gynecologic Associates, Dr. Donald Wilson, Dr. David Doty and Dr. Laura Shower. It was a good fit for the next phase of LCPCC’s growth.

“We were all well aware of the excellent care that the organization had brought to the area,” Dr. Wilson noted. “For many years we had patient referrals between the entities, the merger allowed our patients to continue to receive care locally and extend to more patients the ability to access care.” Dr. Wilson today serves as Medical Director for LCPCC doing business as PrimaryPlus.

Within a year after merging with the OB group, LCPCC added family health services to the Maysville location and it became clear that the organization needed a new name that didn’t tie it to one county, one city or one location. It was then that PrimaryPlus was born. The name stands for primary care … plus so much MORE!

In 2008 all of the Maysville services were brought together, creating the largest PrimaryPlus location to date. The Maysville office added Occupational Medicine in 2010, counseling services in 2012, and dental care in 2014.

In June 2009, PrimaryPlus took over a FQHC in Augusta, Ky., now known as PrimaryPlus-Bracken. Since assuming the Bracken location, PrimaryPlus has expanded it to include x-ray services and a pharmacy.

In Fall 2011, PrimaryPlus purchased the King’s Daughters Family Care Center in South Shore. This location recently experienced a large expansion, and now offers family health, pediatrics, dental and pharmacy.

Then, in the Fall of 2014, PrimaryPlus-Ashland location was launched, bringing us full circle back to 2019 as the FQHC makes its move into a new location with exciting expansions to come this fall.

PrimaryPlus’ mission is centered around the words quality, advanced, affordable healthcare. And although the dates and growth are important to its overall story, everyone at PrimaryPlus knows, and believes, that the organization’s foundation runs deeper. That it’s about people, connections and the opportunity to build healthier communities.

432 16th St. | Ashland, Ky.

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