Revolutionary Diagnostic Screening Services

Revolutionary Diagnostic Screening ServicesLexar Labs is a national full service clinical reference laboratory which offers specialized diagnostic screening and personalized service options allowing healthcare providers to personalize patient treatment plans, aximize patient quality of care, and reduce the overall cost of treatment.

Lexar Labs uses cutting edge equipment and the highest quality of standards to support your practice and patients. Lexar partners with a multitude of specialties at various locations, including hospitals, pediatrics, psychiatry, pain management, family practice, internal medicine, OBGYN, Addiction Medicine, and similar.

Lexar’s end-product is customized, detailed and easy to interpret.   We offer unparalleled personal consultation with our technical personnel, pathologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, and addictionologist allowing healthcare providers to deliver the best quality of care to their patients. Lexar Labs has the capability to deliver confirmatory results in 24-48 hours of receipt
of specimen through a multitude of reporting mechanisms- Electronic Health Records, online provider portals, email, and/or Fax.

Lexar Labs is fully certified by CLIA, CAP, and state proficiency programs, to ensure the highest quality standards, accuracy, and regulatory requirements are met.

Please contact us at 859-543-2022 for more information.

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