Should you consider an independent college consultant?

independent college consultantToday’s college admissions process is complicated and competitive. More and more families are seeking the assistance of independent college consultants/counselors to ensure their student selects the college or university that will be the best fit for them.

Applications and procedures vary widely, and it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the details of a procedure, which requires micro-management.  An independent consultant can provide you with the certainty that nothing will fall through the cracks.  Your student receives individual and personalized attention.

Benefits of independent college consultants:
An independent college consultant can provide students and their parents the support, guidance and confidence needed to successfully navigate the college selection and application process.

Below are nine reasons why an independent college consultant could benefit your college-bound student:

1. They are experts in the college admission process and visit colleges and universities extensively every year to determine the unique qualities in each school.

2. There are over 4,500 colleges and universities to choose from in the United States. A college consultant can help find the right one for your student. Finding appropriate schools for your child becomes far easier when you seek the advice of a seasoned, sensitive counselor who is familiar with a wide range of schools and the type of student they tend to attract.

3. They get to know students on a personal basis, which enables them to help students become stronger college applicants.

4. They help students with the college search and want to find colleges that fit your student’s academic and personal needs.

5. The application process has become much more complex in recent years.  A college counselor can help you learn the difference between EA, ED, REA, SCEA FAFSA, PLUS, CEEB, CLEP, SAT, ACT, AP, COA, EFC, GPA, NCAA, & NMSQT.

6. They assist students and families in finding schools that are affordable. They also provide information on financial aid and scholarships.

7. They want to help students find colleges that are committed to seeing their students graduate in four years, rather than the usual five, six or more. This can save parents a considerable amount of money.

8. They help provide direction for students on their college applications and help brainstorm topics to help students write the most effective essays.

9. They are not limited in the number of hours they can work with students. This allows them to be available when students need them, with the answers they need.

Many families believe that hiring an independent college consultant is the best investment they have made. In the end, it has actually saved them money.

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Carolyn Shelton, College Plan Consultant, (606)- 831- 5452
Carolyn is an experienced ele-mentary, middle, and high school guidance counselor. She has helped many students with the difficult and confusing process of application and selection of college and scholarships. Her many contacts in higher education are valuable as students search for the best choice for their future education. Some of the awards she has received as well as her credentials are as follows: B.A. Lincoln Memorial University, M.ED and Rank I Morehead State University – Guidance Counseling Berea College Counselor Community Leadership Award 2014 Eastern Kentucky Counseling Association “Counselor of the Year” 2013 University of Louisville McConnell Center for Political Leadership “Chris Mattingly Award for Outstanding Community Leadership” -2003 Ashland Area Business and Professional Women’s Association “Professional Woman of the Year” -2003

Ann Marie Short, College Plan Consultant, (606) 922-5667
Ann Marie has more than 20 years experience in higher education as a university librarian. She is familiar with the freshman experience and the transition from high school to university life. She is an experienced researcher for summer programs, internships, camp experiences, and the dynamics of finding the best college fit for each individual student. Her credentials are as follows: B.A. Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia, M.S.L.S University of Tennessee.

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