The 3 Facts You Should Know about Spring Cleaning (#3 is the best one!)

All across the Internet, people poke fun one of the most fundamental rites of the season: Spring Cleaning. From true to ridiculous, the jokes all acknowledge two basic facts:

The 3 Facts You Should  Know about Spring Cleaning (#3 is the best one!)Fact #1: Spring Cleaning is necessary.
Back in the day, when homes were heated with wood and coal, when roads were gravel, or mud, and surviving winter was a lot harder than it is now, Spring Cleaning was necessary to clear away the grime from the fireplaces and woodstoves; to beat the dirt out of the rugs; wash and hang the blankets and quilts out on the line for the sun to sanitize.

Necessary home maintenance would be done. Root cellars would be cleared out and equipment readied for spring. Spring was a time for renewal, for starting fresh.

Today, we don’t take the rugs outside and beat them. Nor do we wait till spring to launder and dry blankets. But Spring is still a time for renewal, a time when we set the house in order, whether it’s getting documentation ready for the tax preparer, getting ready for spring graduations and May weddings, or just pushing winter clothing toward the back to make way for the bright colors of spring.

We know a tidy and clean home is healthful both mentally and physically. Removing clutter and organizing gives you a sense of satisfaction and has actually been shown to increase overall happiness. Removing dust bunnies, clearing away cobwebs, and bagging up those stacks of newspapers and magazines can pay health benefits by reducing allergens in the home and eliminating hiding places for creepy-crawlies.

Fact #2: Spring Cleaning can be hard.
Spring cleaning can be physical taxing. Packing up winter clothing, switching out bed linens, vacuuming furniture, dusting table legs, stripping grime off the top of the refrigerator, cleaning the oven, wiping down baseboards, cleaning windows, scrubbing ceiling fan blades, flipping mattresses … and a hundred other chores … can take a toll on a body that’s unaccustomed to the work. And it can be especially problematic when you’re a little older and a little frailer than you once were.

Spring cleaning is mentally draining, requiring an inordinate amount of motivation and discipline. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really need to clean out that cabinet … but I’m too (tired, hungry, sore, bored) to do it right now. I’ll get to it tomorrow.” And tomorrow never comes.

Fact #1 and Fact #2 are true. There’s another fact we’d like to share with you:

Fact #3: Spring cleaning can be a lot more pleasant
Choices Personal Lifestyle Management can make your Spring Cleaning experience enjoyable, maybe even fun!

Choices is a different kind of home service organization. Specializing in helping clients with non-medical, non-covered needs, Choices is more like having a personal assistant at your disposal than a homecare aide.

“We recognize that there are a lot of things that people need help with, and not just the elderly,” said Carol Sauer, Choices founder and CEO. “As our lives have gotten busier, it’s become more and more difficult to get day-to-day tasks done, and we’ve found that Spring Cleaning is one of those things our clients really value and want help with.”

The Choices program offers a wide variety of in-home services to make living in your own home easier, safer and better, including:

• Outside Cleanup: Choices personnel can retrieve your outdoor furniture from storage and arrange it all just the way you want it. Need the cushions cleaned? We can handle that. Need some pansies planted in the flower boxes? No problem! Cleaning up perennial beds, raking leaves, checking gutters and downspouts? Check. Whatever your outdoor cleanup needs are, Choices personnel can assist.

• We do windows! After a long winter, it’s nice to have sparkling clean windows. Choices personnel can get your windows sparkling and shining, so you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and flowers.

• Expecting company? We’ll tidy up your guest rooms, change the linens, rotate mattresses, vacuum carpets, set clocks and make sure everything is in place to make sure your visitors feel right at home.

• Time to deep clean the bathroom? We’ll clean the grout, scrub the toilets, polish the fixtures, and ensure all is in working order. Need the blankets washed and packed away till Fall? We’ve got that!

• We can organize your kitchen space, clean the oven, clean out the freezer, deep clean the stove… whatever you need, Choices personnel can make it happen.

“There really isn’t a chore that our Choices team isn’t willing to tackle,” Sauer said. “Our team is reliable, trustworthy and delivers tremendous value to our clients, regardless of their age.”

For more information about how Choices can help you get ready for Spring, please call 419-951-3007 for a free consultation.

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