The Library – Your Best Kept Health Secret

The Library - Your Best Kept Health SecretFalling back into the right mindset for your overall health and wellness this season can be difficult. The weather gets cooler, the holidays slowly approach and books and magazines related to healthy living are often expensive, but have you ever thought about checking your local library?

At Boyd County Public Library they have a wealth of health and wellness resources all for free and at your fingertips. All you need is your library card! Check out printed materials such as magazines and books for up to 21 days or if you’re on the go search Health & Wellness in the magazine section of the RB Digital app! There are 16 titles available covering topics like diabetic living, yoga, fitness and running.

The Library also has databases available on their website These include Consumer Health Complete, Consumer Report Health and the Wellness Resource Center. These databases contain information on health-related topics such as conditions and remedies or the contact information for health agencies. You can also take a health assessment or research medication!

Below is a list of some of the printed materials available to you at your local Boyd County Public Library. For more information go to or visit Boyd County Public Library at one of their three locations, Kyova, Ashland, or Catlettsburg.

Health and Wellness Magazines:
Diabetes Forecast
Eating Well
Health Magazine
Men’s Health
Muscle Fitness
Spirituality and Health
WebMd Magazine
Weight Watchers
Women’s Health
Health and Wellness DVDS:
Beach Body
The Biggest Loser
Jillian Michaels
Mayo Clinic

Health and Wellness Books:
Doctor’s Diet
The Virgin Diet
Wheat Belly
The Biggest Loser
Atkins Diet
The Big Book of Exercises

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