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Gospel Singing Family Recaptures Health

The Resolve Solution
Left to Right: Andrew McKinney lost 24 lbs., Diana Owsley lost 17 lbs., Dana McKinney lost 47 lbs., Robert McKinney lost 76 lbs., Norma McKinney lost 32 lbs., Trish McKinney lost 30 lbs., Doug McKinney lost 38 lbs., Caleb McKinney lost 15 lbs,
The McKinney family of West Liberty, KY are known for their beautiful gospel singing group, aptly called The McKinney’s.  They tour churches and camp meetings, spreading their beautiful music. A few months ago they were all in much poorer health and were unhealthily overweight. They started The Resolve Solution as a family to lose weight together, and to bring many serious health conditions back into normal range.

Robert McKinney is now down 75 lbs. but was also on several medications for acid reflux, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, allergies and diabetes. However, in a few short weeks he was no longer taking any medications.

Diana Owsley lost 17 lbs. and had a long-term skin irritation completely disappear. Her high blood pressure and acid reflux has also returned to their normal range.

It wasn’t long before the good news spread to other family members such as Robert’s brother Burnel McKinney, not pictured, of Campton KY. Burnel has now lost 60 lbs. and has seen his severe psoriasis disappear on his arm after suffering for many years with this chronic condition. In addition, Robert’s wife Norma has lost 32 lbs. and no longer suffers from severe IBSD, a has regained the strength of her singing voice, lost from a chronic thyroid condition.

The McKinney’s have now shared the amazing success of The Resolve Solution with many other family members and friends in West Liberty, KY, and the good news has now spread to other towns and to many friends in other states as well.

How did they do this? Let’s back up a little. We all think our weight is the problem. But weight is the symptom, not the cause of our health problems. Although many Americans believe their chronic conditions and weight problems are caused by family genetics, that is rarely the reality. While genetic factors can be the cause of chronic diseases, only about 5% of all chronic conditions are caused by genetics.

The reality is, most chronic diseases are totally attributed to what we eat and lifestyle habits. Therefore, what we actually inherit within our family are similar lifestyle, cooking and dietary habits that can lead to similar family diseases and weight gain. This family is living proof that how they eat, what they eat, where they eat and what supplements they take can create amazing health results. And have little to do with their actual genetics!

But didn’t they have to starve to do this? No. They didn’t count calories, they didn’t go on a starvation diet and they didn’t take dangerous diet pills! They simply followed a simple set of recommendations they received during their FREE Resolve Solution 7 Day Challenge.

Just like thousands of other people who have attended a Free Resolve Solution Health, Wellness and Weight Loss Seminar, they were introduced to a step-by-step educational eating program. The Program explains in detail how to achieve wellness and permanent weight loss by eliminating certain foods from their diet and adding specific other foods to their daily diet.

The average person participating in the FREE 7 Day Challenge will lose between 7 and 15 pounds and experience amazing results in blood pressure, diabetes, chronic digestive problems and energy.

Once the McKinney family members learned that all diseases began at the cellular level and can only be reversed or prevented by giving their cells the opportunity to heal, fantastic changes began to occur in their bodies.

Cells cannot function and survive in a toxic environment. Therefore, when Americans eat 90% or more toxic filled, processed and fast junk foods, their cells become so toxic they can no longer function and protect the body from chronic diseases. Fat forms to hold these toxins.

This family has also learned that by adding The Resolve Solution dietary supplements to their daily diet, they are guaranteeing their cells the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to maintain cellular health and a strong immune system.

Your doctor will also tell you that consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed and junk foods is a leading cause of most chronic diseases they diagnose every day. They will also tell you that medications alone will not cure most diseases. Therefore, if you ever hope to reverse or prevent chronic diseases, you must understand what causes them.

The Resolve Solution members learn how to detox their cells and then how to provide them with the nutrients necessary to perform their essential functions and enhance immunity to diseases. The Program promotes a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, clean meats and gluten free grains.

You will learn why avoiding Dairy, Gluten Grains, Sugar, Non-Organic Meats, Processed and Junk Foods are the only way to reach your health goals.

Free classes are held weekly to teach health solutions and provide support and discussion for members. Members are also taught how to create healthy and tasty morning and evening smoothies, loaded with Resolve nutritional supplements to supercharge the healing process.

Resolve Solution Dietary Supplements are 100% Organic, Natural, Vegan and Free of Any Sugars, Additives, Preservatives or Stimulants.

In a very short time, members find their cells which were starved for nutrients and assaulted for decades by a toxic, acidic diet, begin to recover and heal. Very quickly fat is shed as toxins are released and the body begins to return to a healthy state of homeostasis (balance).

Again, Resolve Solution members don’t count calories or starve. They are encouraged to eat as much as they want of nourishing, vitalizing food, fruits, vegetables and clean meats. Organic food is recommended when available and eating out less is encouraged. The Resolve Solution supplements UltaVita and UltaSlim provide 92 vitamins and minerals and 42 antioxidants with organic super nutrients, in a single UltaNutra smoothie. The Resolve Solution has created one of, if not the most powerful natural, vegan formulas available. Completely chemical, toxin and sugar free, the amazing formula promotes cellular detoxification and recovery.

Resolve Classes are led each week by trained instructors. Weekly classes are held in Frankfort, Lexington, Mt. Sterling, Morehead, West Liberty, Grayson, Olive Hill and Ashland (Cannonsburg). In addition, special classes can be arranged for churches, clubs and other group venues by special arrangement.

The Resolve Solution is not intended to replace medical care, but to work hand in hand with medical treatment. The program is so much more than weight loss. For more information call (606)780-2521, visit or Facebook Resolve2XL Weight Loss Club. The Resolve Solution is a program of Resolve2XL, Inc., a Kentucky corporation based in Morehead, KY and owned by its founder and CEO Keith Johnston.

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