This Holiday Think Safety!

This Holiday Think SafetyThe holiday season will be here before we know it. Great food, crisp weather, spending times with loved ones, evening getaways looking at beautiful lights — all the wonderful things that a joyful holiday brings. As we approach this eagerly anticipated time of year, it’s imperative that we exercise caution and judgment to keep ourselves and our families safe.

With the increase in travel and time away from the home, comes an increase in accidents, injuries and crime. And while most people celebrate the season with a spirit of giving, some see this time of year as a prime opportunity for taking. With greater opportunities such as public shopping, presents under the tree, gifts in vehicles and holiday parties, the potential for theft becomes more frequent.

According to Damsel in Defense Independent Pro Pam McGlone, you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday season simply by staying aware of your surroundings. “Everywhere you go, you should always be alert and on the lookout for any suspicious activity or behavior,” said McGlone. “If something or someone seems out of place, listen to your gut instinct and remove yourself from the situation or seek help. Also, stay informed of what’s happening in the area you’re travelling in.”

Damsel in Defense, a company that teaches women how to protect themselves through free interactive workshops called Empower Hours, was founded in 2011 and has become a national phenomenon. With a firm mission to educate, empower and equip women, Damsel offers a variety of personal protection items to keep families safe.

“People should always carry some form of personal protection with them,” states McGlone. “High-
pitched personal alarms or whistles, such as the Damsel in Defense Holla and Leaf Me Alone Her-mergency Necklace, can signal to others for help if needed.” Damsel’s pepper sprays are another “hot” item McGlone sells and are excellent self-defense options as they can shoot up to 16 feet, have a glow-in-the-dark trigger, contain 18 percent Oleoresin Capsicum and contain a UV dye so attackers can be identified under a blacklight.

Many people choose to travel during the holidays by automobile, with the highest fatality rate of any major form of transportation. Roads are congested, traffic crashes spike and people are more likely to indulge in alcohol, resulting in an increased number of drunk driving accidents.

Driving in snow, sleet and ice can also lead to hazardous road conditions. McGlone suggests you prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter season with emergency roadside tools such as the Damsel in Defense Junk in The Trunk and Road Trip. Packaged in a reflective bag, the Junk in the Trunk comes with critical tools needed for those unexpected delays, such as a first aid kit, ponchos, emergency blankets, jumper cables, battery-free flashlight, snow/ice scraper, tools (screwdrivers, pliers and tire pressure gauge) and so much more.

The Road Trip is a handy little flashlight that includes a seat belt cutter, magnetic head, red flashing strobe light, 120 decibel alarm and an automatic punch window breaker. It even has a USB port that can charge your phone.

Here are some additional holiday safety tips that can help keep you safe and secure while you are out and about:

• Always tell family and friends your itinerary beforehand and check in periodically as a basic precaution. Stick to well-lit (and high-traffic) areas, avoid shortcuts and travel with multiple people.

• Never carry a lot of cash on you and avoid credit card skimmers by using a wallet that is built with RFID technology (radio frequency identification). The Damsel in Defense line has a variety of men’s and women’s RFID wallet as well as concealed carry purses.

• Don’t stick out! Maintain a low profile and prevent drawing attention to yourself by avoiding flashy displays of wealth such as wearing expensive jewelry, leather or fur coats and carrying valuables including tablets, laptops or expensive cameras.

• Don’t be an easy target by being distracted. Items such as phones or music players make you less alert. Use a flashlight when it’s dark to demonstrate to others that you are aware of your surroundings.

McGlone offers one last piece of advice as we enter the season, “Situational awareness is your first line of defense and should be practiced everywhere you go. Make eye contact with others, keep your head up, look around and avoid being distracted by your phones.”

For more information on Damsel in Defense or to schedule an Empower Hour for your business, church group or loved ones, contact Pam McGlone at (606) 584-7385 or visit

Your home may be the happening hot spot for hosting holiday get-togethers. Take extra precautions to safeguard medications, cash and valuables while hosting guests in your home. Damsel in Defense offers a cleverly designed diversion safe called the Sassy Spray. Available in full or travel size, this disguised hair spray can comes equipped with a muffling foam interior and weighted screw-on bottom making the can ‘feel’ full.

• Always make sure that all windows and doors are in the ‘lock’ position. Simple portable entry alarms, such as Damsel’s Step-Off, will sound a 120-decibel alarm to alert you of any intruders. This item is also great for hotel stays where there is risk of accidental or intentional entry into your room.

• Never answer the door blindly. Ask all visitors to announce themselves. Do not open the door unless you are 100 percent confident of the person on the other side. Stage your protection throughout your home. Damsel’s Sock It To Me striking stick, fits perfectly above your door frame, should the need ever arise.

• Keep gifts away from windows and out of sight from anyone who could be looking into your home.

• Be ready! Have your key in your hand before you reach the door.

• Keep your purse, wallet, keys, and other valuables with you at all times or locked in a drawer or cabinet.

• Always lock your office or work area when you leave for any period of time.

• Be careful when entering Card Access areas not to allow any non-employees or visitors in behind you.

• Check the identity of any strangers in your work area — ask if you can help them. If you are uncomfortable, call the police or your company’s security department.

• Always let someone know where you will be, whether it’s a lunch meeting, going in early, working late, etc.

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