Time is precious: Choices Frees you to Spend it on Life’s Important Things

Time is precious:  Choices Frees you to Spend it on Life’s Important Things Do your visits home consist of hours weeding the garden, cleaning out closets, or putting laundry away? Does it seem like the only time you get to spend with your aging mother is punctuated with replacing lightbulbs, tightening screws, and hauling trash to the curb?

Do you wish there were someone close by, who you could trust (and afford), to take on some of those household tasks so your visits home were actual visits and not a never-ending list of “to-dos?”

There is an answer: Choices Personal Lifestyle Management. Choices helps you make the most out of the precious time you have with Mom and Dad, while ensuring that their day-to-day needs are met.

Choices is not a home health agency or a visiting nurse program. Instead, Choices focuses on the small details that support aging in place: weeding the garden, fixing loose steps, decluttering closets, grocery shopping, trips to the nail salon, and so on.

“The Choices program is designed to help clients with non-medical, non-covered needs maintain their independence, remain at home, enjoy an excellent quality of life, and be an active member of the community,” said Carol Sauer, Choices founder and CEO.

“I developed Choices because I realized how much time people in their 40s, 50s and 60s spend taking care of the day-to-day needs of aging parents. They don’t complain, but they often express sadness that their visits home are so task-oriented. They long to spend that time in deeper and more meaningful ways,” Sauer said.

“It’s distressing to them to think that there are things that need to be done at a parent’s home that they just don’t have the time, or the knowledge, to handle,” she said, adding, “Aging parents can be reluctant to ask for help out of guilt or for fear of being seen to be “needy.”

Although the Choices program is designed to meet specific needs of those in their senior years, it’s available to people of any age. “Many busy professionals face the same challenges as boomers with aging parents,” she said. “Their work is demanding and hectic. They want to spend the limited time they have making memories with their spouses and children, not vacuuming floors, fixing squeaky doors, or weeding flower beds.”

Choices offers reliable, trustworthy and qualified assistance to clients of any age. For a free consultation with a Choices Lifestyle Consultant, please call 419-951-3007, or visit the Choices website at www.choiceslifestlye.com

What can Choices do for your loved one?
The Choices Lifestyle Management Program is designed to provide all kinds of help, including:
• Assistance with setting up electronic devices, internet routers/wi-fi, tablets, smart phones, etc.
• Scheduling appointments for in-home services, such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators and so on
• Being present for major deliveries, such as furniture and appliances
• Cleaning and decluttering services
• We can help with moving items to sales area, pricing merchandise, advertising the event, and provide a spare pair of hands on the day of the sale, if needed.
• Light yard work, such as trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, planting flower boxes
• Light and heavy housecleaning, including laundry, vacuuming, seasonal cleaning
• Decorating for holidays and special occasions
• Grocery and gift shopping, wrapping presents, and helping with greeting cards
• Personal care, including assistance with bathing, hair, nails
• Home maintenance such as changing batteries in smoke detectors, replacing light bulbs, touching up paint, changing furnace filters
• Home safety checks
• Social activities including travel to family and social gatherings, preparing the home for celebrations, menu planning and cooking, serving and cleanup
• Pet sitting, walking and bathing
• Companionship, including reading together, discussing topics of the day, playing games, attending events

Choices Lifestyle Consultant

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