Tools for Addiction Recovery

By Robert L. Vinson II, BSS, MA, CDCA –

Tools for Addiction RecoveryEach September, Spectrum Outreach joins thousands of prevention, treatment, and recovery programs and services around the country celebrate their successes and share them with their neighbors, friends, and colleagues in an effort to educate the public about recovery, how it works, for whom, and why. There are millions of Americans whose lives have been transformed through recovery.

By sharing information about recovery as a community, we help raise public awareness that alcohol and drug addiction as a national health crisis, a disease that can be treated with the right tools.

Open Your Mind
When you make the decision to open your mind to a new way of life, a process begins to take place. Then, and only then, you will begin to understand the power addiction can have over people. You begin to acquire tools that help you to get through the process of recovery. This is a tool we will call being open minded, and it will affect you if continue on to an enriching life in recovery.

In recovery, we acquire a tool box. We are free to put whatever we need to put in there to maintain not just sobriety, but our sanity as well. Each tool box is individual in itself and it belongs to its owner. What you do with it is your preference. If you choose to share your tools, this is how we pay it forward. If you close your tool box, you close your mind.

Tools For Successful Recovery
If you are in recovery, below are some tools that you may find helpful.

Continue Counseling – If you sought assistance at an addiction or rehabilitation center, chances are that you experienced one-on-one counseling, group therapy, as well as a variety of other experiences. Those experiences help you overcome the addiction and you should continue them throughout your recovery process. The best thing that you could do for yourself is to continue counseling outside of the rehabilitation center. Your therapists and counselors will be the main ones to keep you right on track in your recovery efforts!

Remember Time – After you have gotten out of the rehabilitation center you may be frustrated with the thoughts of alcohol or drugs that are plaguing your mind. However, you must remember that recovery is a process that takes time and there is nothing you can do to speed up the process of time, no matter how dismal or depressing that thought seems.

Stay Occupied – Many recovering addicts often find it hard not to go back to their old lifestyles, but the one thing that can help greatly is to keep yourself productively occupied. Getting a hobby, surrounding yourself with positive friends each day, and filling your day to keep you busy in order to be preoccupied will prevent you from destructive behavior.

Take One Day at a Time – If you are becoming so frustrated that you’re feeling like you just want to have some more alcohol or that one last taste of drugs, stop before you get there! Take a deep breath and realize that your recovery will only go one day at a time! Many people have to force themselves to take one minute, hour, and day at a time simply to keep their heads above water.

Build a Support Team – Many recovering addicts choose not to tell their families, but these are the first people that you should tell. They will help you get back on your feet and stay there and provide a lot of emotional support when you need it the most!

Never Give Up! – This is a very old cliche, but has proven to work many times over! A recovering addict is an individual who cannot afford to give up. The drugs and/or alcohol that you just got away from will return to tempt you, so you must remember to never give up in the face of temptation or frustration.

It is important to treat recovery as something to be enjoyed and not as something to be endured – attitude is everything. It can take a while for some people to feel completely comfortable in recovery, but once they do life can be extremely satisfying; it is a time for trying new things and discovering unknown talents. By using the tools your have and surrounding yourself with positive influences will help you now and in the future when you absolutely need it.

Restoring and rebuilding life after addiction takes place only over time. How much time will depend on the commitment to recovery, and the personality, approach, and resilience of the recovering addict. And few people can go this route alone, without the support of family, friends, and the community of help that’s easily available.

For everyone though, recovery is possible.

If you, or some you love is battling with addiction or is in recovery Spectrum Outreach services offers hope when all else seems lost. Call us today at 866-899-0028. We can help! We turn no one away.

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